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While the demo is an AutoCAD plugin, QModeler is intended for use with any CAD software, or even without CAD for display of 3D models in a dialog. QModeler comes with its own geometric library.


QModeler, a speedy facetted 3D modeler

This project is a realization of three ideas:


  1. 1.A flexible method for generating 3D objects  

  2. 2.Modern memory management (faster and use less resources) 

  3. 3.Multithreading (use available cores to spread calculations) 


If you've ever used a 3D modeler, you've certainly wanted to use a modeler-method that wasn't there. With QModeler, which is licensed as source code, you'll find it easy to create new modeler-methods.



Figure: 1. Cube/sphere subtraction 2. Sphere/sphere intersection 3. Sphere/sphere union



With ObjectARX, Autodesk ships a 3D modeler called AModeler, which I've used in various projects. It's a great library, but the memory management is old. On creation of detailed spheres, QModeler beats it by a large factor (~10x) thanks to it's efficient memory strategies.


Boolean operation speed is all about computing power. By spreading computations across CPU cores, QModeler achieves 3-5x speedup on an Intel Core i7 (4 cores+hyperthreading).



Running AutoCAD 2013 on a core i7(2700K@4.3GHz), 16 GB RAM, SSD and AMD 7970 graphics, yields the following results (times in millisceonds, measured by the GetTickCount function).


To generate solids looking as good as geometry based packages, a facetted modeler needs lots of facets. The spheres in these benchmarks use 41472 facets each.



Subtraction (cube-sphere)

Union (sphere+sphere)










The big plus for QModeler isn't really it's speed. It's the ability to support new kinds of object generation. A few years ago, spaceclaim published a really impressive demo (spaceclaim screw design).  With QModeler, you can achieve such objects by extending core calculations.



QModeler is intended for organizations that develop software. QModeler is available as source code for a one time fee of €59 000. This covers any product published by a single organization but is not intended for organizations that creates software on behalf of multiple organizations.


A demo running on AutoCAD 2013 is available by request.



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